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YomixHitsugi Community @ LJ.com

♥ YomixHitsugi ♥

♥ YomixHitsugi ♥
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The first (and only!) YomixHitsugi community for the pairing of Yomi (vocals) and Hitsugi (guitar) of the J-rock band Nightmare(Naitomea) x3

This is a yaoi/slash/shounen-ai/boy love pairing community... so if that sort of stuff upsets you or whatever then don't even bother looking around.

-General Rules-

Allowed Posts:
¤ Fanfics
¤ Fanart
¤ General YxH Discussion
¤ Wallpapers
¤ Icons
¤ Layouts
¤ Websites
¤ Pictures/Photos

Fanfic Rules:
¤ All Fics must be under a LJ cut and must use this format OUTSIDE of the cut:

Title: the title of your fanfic
Length: the parts/chapters of your fic or if it’s a oneshot
Author: < lj user="your username here" > … you may also post for someone else by using this format:
story written: lj user="person who wrote the fic">; posted by: < lj user="your username here" >
Genre: [Angst, Romance, Fluff, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc, etc… just whatever you think your fic would count as (it can be multiple genres)]
Ratings: [G,PG,PG-13,R,NC-17]
(Rating Guidelines:
G – simple, non-sexual, non-touchyhuggy stuff, like just maybe implying the relationship.
PG – little bit more mature. Some simple light kissing, hugging, romance. Light cursing
PG-13 – mature teen stuff x3 some violence, more intimate romance, everything up to and before any sort of sexual encounters
R – more graphic and mature stuff. Violence and angsty bloody stuff. Detailed nudity, soft core sex, sensuality, etc.
NC- 17 – extremely detailed violence, blood, gore and hardcore sex, rape, etc.

Pairings/Characters: (The fics must contain yomixhitsugi or hitsugixyomi. Also list any other artists/characters/pairings that appear in the fic)
Synopsis: a short summary of what the story is about
Comments: (if you have anything to add)

Fanart, Pictures/Photos, Wallpapers, Layout Rules:
¤ Use a LJ-cut (the content of which you want to hide)for all images of any kind, including layouts.
¤ If your fanart has anything that MIGHT offend someone, then please mention in the post or in the lj-cut a warning of what the offense might be (example: nudity, graphic nudity, sex, etc)

-Archive Information-
¤ All fanfics and fanart will be put into their corresponding archives when I get to it. If you do not want your fic/art archives, please make a comment in your fics post that you do not want it to be archived. Otherwise, all fics are assumed permission to place into the archives.
¤ If you don’t follow the fanart/fanfic posting rules, your work will not be included in the archives
¤ I’d prefer that you don’t use pennames because it becomes difficult to track since it’s simpler just to use your lj name, but if you insist, then you may put your penname in [ ] next to your lj username in the author section of the fic post layout.


Want to affiliate? Drop me a line somewhere at chantrea_johari or send me an email at chantreajohari [at] gmail [dot] com.

This community was created by soukoji and is currently maintained by chantrea_johari